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The 5 Frequently Asked Questions of Every Immigrant in a Trump Era

Many immigrants are fearful and anxious about their future and their security within the United States after Donald Trump was elected president. Attorney Mercedes Cano answers your questions below:

  1. What will happen to DACA and DAPA? It is possible that President-elect Donald Trump can cancels these two programs because they were programs realized by executive order by President Obama. If you have DACA, or DAPA, seek legal advice as soon as possible.
  2. I have experienced discrimination, what are my rights? Unfortunately, incidents of discrimination have risen in the days since the 2016 election in which Donald Trump president. Every incident of discrimination must be documented and reported. We also recommend that you seek legal advice from an attorney on how to handle your case.
  3. I am an undocumented immingrant, what should I do if I find myself involved in an ICE raid after Trump becomes president? The most important thing in this situation is to cooperate with ICE agents. However, you have the right to remain silent. That is, you do not have to give them any information that could harm your case. Remember that the Constitution of the United States protects every person living in the country whether or not they have papers, and no matter who is president of the United States.
  4. I just became a citizen, am I at risk under a Donald Trump administration? If possible, make a copy of your citizenship certificate and carry it with you wherever you go and solicit your U.S. passport as soon as possible. The more documents you have that can help prove your citizenship, the better. Keep all your documents in order and in one place in case of an emergency.
  5. I am a Permanent Resident and have my “Green Card,” am I at risk of deportation under a Trump administration? Permanent residence is a privilege in this country, a privilege that can be revoked due to a felony or violent crimes. Trump has promised to deport immigrants who have committed crimes.

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