What is the process that follows a minor that arrives at the border with the US?

What is the process that follows a minor that arrives at the border with the US?
It is a very complex process.
When a young person is detained by Citizenship & Border Patrol (CBP), he or she will be taken to a designated place until an adult, who fulfills certain security investigation, set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), shows up to become responsible for the minor.
CBP has the responsibility to take care of that minor, give him/her medical attention, attend classes until a qualify adult becomes a responsible guardian for the minor.
If there is no adult to claim that child, the minor will stay in the detention center until CBP until the parents claim that child.  CBP will not investigate out of the US about those parents.  It is then recommended to the parents of a minor that think that their child has attempted to cross the border and it was detained, to contact a not for profit organization to help them identify the whereabouts of the child.
If the minor can articulate that he/she entered the US because he/she is afraid for his life when he left his/her country, CBP has the obligation to interview the child about that fear and can confirm that his/her fear are real.  Once that happens, the officer can free that minor, as long as the minor can find an adult to be responsible for him/her, who will become the guardian, for immigration purposes.
That guardian will be responsible for the minor education and well-being.  In addition to take him/her to court, whenever the minor must see the immigration judge.  This supervision will be program by CBP and schedule by an immigration court.
If that guardian does not have the resources to legally help the minor, the guardian should seek and find a not for profit to aid that minor.  If the guardian does not present the minor or find a way to help him, legally, the minor may lose the opportunity to become legal in the US.
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