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Decision of the Court of Appeals on the Executive Actions

My friends, this video is to inform you about the recent decision from the court of appeals, 5th circuit in Texas, about the Obama administration laws to issue employment authorization to the parents of USC and LPR in the US. See the transcript below.

The Obama administration and Congress agreed that the immigration system in the US is broken and needs urgent attention and changes.  Last year, Congress passed a law to institute an immigration reform to give all immigrants in the US, with certain amount of years and no criminal record, an employment authorization document or EAD.  The House of Representatives did not approve of said reform and the Obama Administration had no recourse but to try to pass a piece meal relief, by issuing a law to give the parents of United States citizens (USC) and legal permanent residents (LPR) an EAD, and give all the people who entered the US before the age of 16 and now are older than 31, an EAD.

In an attempt to stop this law, 26 southern states sued the administration in Texas and a local judge gave the 26 states the right to have standing. They claim, they will suffer damages by issuing these immigrants a driver’s license and policing all the criminals that will enter their states.

The Obama administration appealed to the 5th circuit court and this past Monday, the Court of Appeals sided with the 26 states deciding that they have standing to stop this “damaging” law.

Now, Obama will have to take the case to the US Supreme Court where he has always prevailed and has promised he will do it.

What can we all do?

Continue preparing for the law when it finally passes and continue being part of your community.  We do have to participate, in your groups, churches, social media; and we have to be present by writing letters to political leaders.

Lets stay on top of the administration and urge it to file the appeal with the US Supreme court.

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