Coronavirus and immigrant families in the US

We are currently going through a very difficult time with this virus, also known as COVID 19.
¿What can we do to not feel so frustrated and often afraid?
The first thing is that every state in this country has designated a number for general information in several languages and with a little patience you will be able to call 311 and get general information about the symptoms and/or talk to a person who can guide you what to do.
I Called before making this audio today to make sure that this information exists and is available to everyone. Again, the number is 311, and there, if you follow the instructions they will tell you the initial symptoms of this virus and what to do. On 311, it is the city that is giving you this information, so it is the most official information you can have at this time.
The official information says that if you have symptoms of flu or bad flu and you are afraid that it is serious enough to need the help of a professional, you should call your general practitioner and ask what to do. If you don’t have a general practitioner, they suggest not traveling to the hospital for help, because if you are positive for the virus, you can infect more people. Then, I would call 311 and ask, if I don’t have a doctor, to help me by sending staff to test me for my illness. The city should send you a professional, properly equipped, to test you.
¿What about immigration appointments, citizenship swearing-in ceremonies, court cases?
Many states are canceling all public events and many state courts are limiting hearings and trials that have not begun.
The USCIS (immigration) website publicly announced that if you are sick for any reason, they are urging you to not attend the appointment, to ask for an extension, that will not affect your case. In the invitation letter for each case, there is a phone number to call to postpone your appointment. Also, you can send an email and confirm that you canceled your appointment. It is important to document that you called and canceled because you were not feeling well. People who answer phones at USCIS, even if they do not give their name, do give a number to document that you called and canceled because you were not feeling well.
For many people, this extension is an extra time to prepare their case if the person does not feel well, but for many, this is an inconvenience because many want to solve their cases. But, we must follow the safety instructions for our health and our family. Follow the instructions of USCIS, if you are not feeling well, email or call to cancel your appointment and postpone it until this virus emergency has passed.
For people who have to travel to their countries, if the country is in Europe or Asia, they will have to postpone their trips because there is a ban on returning to the U.S. at this time.
To travel to Mexico, Central America or South America, I suggest you first look at the reports from your country, as in many of our countries there are already certain limitations for those coming from the U.S.
Friends, let’s hope this situation doesn’t drag on for too long. Let’s follow the instructions of the health experts. It is time to learn to have a lot of patience and tranquility because if this situation extends for several months, we will need a lot of patience and tranquility. We will get through this. It is not the first time that a virus attacks the world. Throughout our history human beings have fought with all kinds of viruses and humanity has managed to survive.
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