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Canada opens its borders to Mexican Citizens

One of our clients (Mexican) went to Canada and entered the United States without a visa. On the U. S. border she was arrested and is being charged with criminal charges. Know the risks of using this “Canadian benefit” to enter U. S. undocumented.
Federal authorities are placing federal charges when a Mexican citizen enters through Canada into the U. S. What does this mean? The federal statute 8US 1325 states entering the U. S. without a visa, “Illegal entry,” breaking this law one will be charged 8 to 24 months of incarceration and charged a fine for those entries.
These charges are dealt directly with federal authorities and the code is federal. This means that a person who was caught on the Canada – U. S. border will possibly face federal charges, pay time in jail and afterwards be turned over to immigration authorities for a deportation process. This is a long and costly civil and criminal process.
The indicted will be assigned an attorney, if they cannot afford to pay a private attorney for the federal charges. However, once they complete their sentence they will have to face an immigration judge alone.
We have represented people in both detention centers and in federal cases. Through these experiences we learned the authorities in distant towns near the border are very reluctant to collaborate with the family, visitations and or attorneys.
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