Attention! Immigration offices, closed!

We received a notice from immigration, informing us of the closure of all immigration offices temporarily, a measure that becomes effective immediately. Therefore, all those people who have citizenship appointments, fingerprinting appointments or an appointment in front of an immigration judge, all those appointments have been cancelled and will be rescheduled, and people will receive a new notice.
My office has already received an official notice postponing the March appointments.
For now, all immigration offices will be closed until April 1st; at Mercedes Cano Law Office we will continue to send the applications we have pending since they may still be working internally but there is no service to the public.
Let’s hope that this emergency can be controlled quickly so that people do not go into a state of shock due to the handling of the virus.
Contact us, we are attending via telephone and digital, our number is 718 505 8506 or write to us at
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Mercedes Cano © 2020 All rights reserved. Primitive Inside.